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About The Selected

The Selected is a 10 Man Horde guild on the US-Thrall Server(PVE Server,EST).  The guild was formed in the early days of Wrath of The Lich King and has been actively raiding since Naxxramas.

The guilds main focus is to push progression and complete hard mode encounters.  Though we may never be number one on the server or the world we maintain good server standing while allowing our members to have a life outside WoW.



  • SoO 14/14 H pre patch


Raid Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:00 to 11:00pm EST



Loot is distributed through a loot council. When awarding items to a raider multiple things are taken into consideration:  Attitude, Overall Performance, Recent loot received, and Significance of the Item.




The Selected is always looking for more talented players to join our team.  For our current class needs please refer to the sidebar on this page.  If your class is not listed and you believe you’re an exceptional applicant please feel free to apply.  If you think you are ready to be The Selected click the link on the sidebar to apply.



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